like a pixie

Unique sleeve styles are popping up all over the retail market, especially at an online favorite Pixie Market. The following snapshots are some of my favorite sleeve stylings, and lucky for us they are all available at Pixie Market. I also included an amazing pair of flats, because during summer I am all about ballet flats as an alternative to sandals. I am really excited about the start of summer, I finally have put aside my winter duds and have been creating simple, streamlined summer ensembles. A majority of my everyday outfits revolve around the following 5 pieces; high waisted loose shorts, harem pants (from Alternative Apparel), racer back pocket tanks (Charlotte Russe 2 for $10), kimono (from a small shop in Chinatown), and J Brand ankle jeans...when it comes to shoes I always go for comfort and unique. My shoes come from all over, but one thing that they have in common is that they never cost more than $30.00. On that note I will not be purchasing these Pixie Market flats, but man do I love them.

what the gel

I hate to admit that up until about a year ago I had a horrible habit of biting and picking at my nails. I continued to blame my "weak nails" and "bad genes" for my sad looking fingers, but in reality it was my inability to leave my hands alone that got me to where I was. I envied my mother and sister for their regal fingernails, and decided it was time to grow up! Now that time has passed and length and strength has begun, I am happy to say I am as proud as ever with my long and strong manicure. I recently came across my new best friend, and favorite nail product, O.P.I. Axxium soak-off gel lacquer. This ingenious product comes in all of our favorite O.P.I. colors, and is available at most salons. The finished product is rich and shiny, and the best part is it lasts for up to two weeks and doesn't harm your nails! Check out this site for more information.

Peep Show

The perfect black shoe for any season. A bit expensive for my liking, but reasonable considering it will go with any outfit, and I mean ANY outfit. Available at Urban Outfitters... and while you are there pick up one of their many adorable summer dresses to go with your hot new wedges!

xoxo Lori

PS: a lot more to come on Ice Cream For Fashion...keep posted!