Downton to Downtown

As you can tell from the title of this post I am referring to the utterly amazing television drama that is Downton Abbey - if you have not seen it, please abandon computer and rent immediately.

Downton Abbey is a period drama set in England during the years leading up to World War I and post war, centered around the Crawley Family and their staff. Don't let the historical nature of the show turn you off from diving into a world of gossip, sex, love, family, betrayal and last but certainly not least gowns and jewels fit for a queen. Each character has their own unique style and is outfitted from head to toe in jaw dropping costumes in every scene, seriously inspiring.

I have noticed many fashions imitating that of the Crawley Women (and men) this fall and have put together a little collage of some of my favorite pieces. I am looking forward to the chillier months here in California (let's talk about this heat wave!) - until than I will lust after floor length silk gowns, lace gloves, and a finger wave up do a la Lady Mary.

Dresses and Black Boots @  Bonadrag
Green Boots, Pink Blouse, and Lace Blouse @ Asos 
Cream Blouse @ Forever 21
Tuxedo Jacket @ Net-A-Porter

Lastly this is an image I found on The Fashion Court of Kasia Smutniak at theVenice Film Festival - I am in love with  this Valentino dress and it goes along with  the theme....



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