Road Trip Australia, be back in a few!

Happy New Year

Let's Hear It For The Boys

I have loved menswear inspired shoes since I was 5 years old, when I put on my first pair of Saddle was love at first sight. That is why this week's Sugar High is the ever so androgynous Oxford shoe. I would pair this sleek style with a pair of tight skinny jeans, a simple t-shirt and a sharp blazer, voila, instant perfection.

(1. Boutique 9, 2. Frye, 3. Pour La Victoire, 4. Elizabeth and James, 5. Steven by Steve Madden)

Lolita 2.0

Ahhh the innocence, the sexuality, the beauty, these modern Lolitas are making quite the statement...

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oy oy oy

Maybe it's because I am in Australia, or maybe it's because I am loving the warmer weather styling going on in the Southern hemisphere, but I have fallen head over heals for Aussie designer Alice McCall. Here are some of my favorites from FW/2010.


I recently stumbled upon an interview on The Fashion Spot with the talented designer behind Siwy Denim, Michelle Siwy. The New York based designer has made a name for herself and her jeans among starlets and models alike, stating that they will make your body look amazing. Apparently, according to Michelle you do not have to be a 6" tall model to feel sexy and seductive in these denim duds. I completely agree. Though her designs are simple and streamlined, she adds extra punches with the addition of sequins, mesh, acid wash, grommets, pockets, stitching, etc. During the TFS interview, when asked to describe the Siwy woman Michelle stated: "The Siwy woman is sophisticated with an edge. She has a serious appreciation for style, fashion, art, beauty and design - but with a sense of humor, too." There you have it it, you certainly have to have a spunky and sassy personality to properly pull off a pair of Siwy jeans. Siwy denim embodies what I like to call, "mature cuteness" known for it's Lolita-esque seductiveness a look I truly love. Bottom line, Siwy jeans are unknowingly sexy with a cheeky demeanor, save up, and get a pair now!

Walking in a summer wonderland...

(Above: Aussie Santa)
Christmas in Queensland Australia is something I have never experienced before, and something I will never forget! It all started last night with a casual Christmas BBQ of steak, sausage, salad and wine, then Paul (my bf) and I slept under the stars in the family camper van and were woken up by his darling niece Elise, followed by his equally gorgeous second niece, Grace. We proceeded back into the house to see the entire family, Granny G included, standing around the kitchen preparing for breakfast, and a wonderful breakfast it was. Croissants, butter, honey, jam, fruit, yogurt, deviled eggs, and the works. After brekky we took the festivities into the lounge room and watched the little girlies vigorously unwrap their mound of pressies, what a lovely sight. I am happy to say I have the most thoughtful boyfriend in the world, who not only remembered me going on and on about a leather bucket bag (gift #1) , but gave me a dress that had fallen in love with months ago (gift #2). His family spoiled me with a sexy apron, and dubbed me the "culinary goddess", along with candles and pajamas and a beautiful set of antique coffee spoons. Yes, I am one lucky woman. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday surrounded with lots of love and appreciation of the people who make our lives so sweet. I must say I am missing my family during this time, but I am confident in the fact that they are enjoying themselves in different parts of the world (sisters and dad in Brazil, mom and nana in Florida, ganny and uppah and uncle and aunt in Cabo San Lucas, step mom and brother in San Francisco and me in Australia) I said before we are all very lucky. Merry Christmas everyone, time to start cooking for Christmas Dinner...stuffed mushrooms here I come! xoxo.
(PS: It is 87 degrees here, hence the title of this post..)

les femmes seduisantes

The seductive women of Dior and Chanel are gracing the pages of our favorite glossy fashion magazines all over the world; Lily Allen for Chanel, Audrey Tautou for Chanel no.5 and Marion Cotillard for Dior. I find these three women to be interesting choices for these ad campaigns, because they are unexpected, yet seemingly fit. Lily Allen, known for being a rebel is now the face of a company that has depicted elegance for decades, and I find the parallel to be quite fascinating. Marion and Audrey are rising stars and picturesque french women, their looks are undeniable and mesmerizing at every glance, what excellent choices. I love that fashion has taken such a wide turn in using actresses and singers to represent these high profile brands. Though at times I do miss sky high luxurious models, it is always nice to see our favorite stars in a new light. What is your favorite ad campaign? xoxo.