of or pertaining to merchants or trade

The Mercantile, also known as my new favorite LA eatery, is a wonderful addition to Hollywood. This Provencal wine and gourmet market just opened last week and I was ecstatic to have my first bite out of the deliciousness that is The Mercantile. Owned by the mastermind behind The Bowery Bar, Delancy's, and Mission Cantina, The Mercantile is a unique bar, market, and restaurant that compliments their string of successful Sunset boulevard locations. Open for lunch and dinner 11 am to 11 pm anytime of the day is a good time for a delicious and well priced glass of wine and make-your-own cheese platter. The decor is quaint and french cottage style while the food is nothing but fantastic. For dinner my boyfriend and I shared a smooth bottle of Riesling ($18), warm olives with extra virgin olive oil and a baguette ($6), Raclette cheese with boiled potatoes, pearl onions and cornichons ($10), Halloumi cheese flamed and served with olives, pepadews, fennel, honey, coriander seed and parsley ($!2). The meal was light and sensual and I must say it was very hard to choose out of all the delicious french delicacies on the menu. Next time I am definitely having the Steak Tartar and Croque Madame! The best part of the dinner experience was the homemade ice cream we had for dessert, they make 6 new flavors every week and they are out of this world. We shared two scoops of red wine sorbet (the sign read for 21+) and a creamy carrot cake ice cream. Both flavors were so good, and I must say their sign is right, I felt a bit tipsy after the red wine sorbet! If you are in the LA area please take a trip to The Mercantile, this place is so fun and unique, you can stay for dinner or pick up imported olive oils and packaged truffles to go! Click here for the link.

oui oui

With an unusual schedule like mine, it is easy to turn what-should-be a fun Friday night out, into a quiet night in. Last Friday I decided to make one of my mother's specialities Vichyssoise, a delicious french potato leek soup. This being my first attempt I was a bit nervous, but I am happy to say it came out absolutely amazing. It was creamy and rich, savory and irresistible, so good that I called my mom and told her she has some major competition. I got the recipe from this beautiful french cookbook my boyfriend has, but here is my modified recipe.

1 large white onion
4 stalks of celery
4-5 leeks (only the white)
4-5 potatoes
6 oz heavy cream
1 stick of butter
3-4 cans of chicken broth

Cooking Instructions:
Finely chop onion, celery and leeks and throw it in a large pot with the stick of butter. Cover and cook for 15-20 minutes, or until melted and transparent. While the veggie mix and butter is cooking, peel and rough chop your potatoes. Throw in the potatoes and 3-4 cans of chicken stock, the less stock the thicker your soup will be. Bring everything to a boil and let simmer for about 25 minutes. Take the soup off the heat and let cool, once cooled put the soup in a blender, I did it in three batches, and blend until smooth. Put the soup back into the pot and bring it to a boil, lower the heat and add the cream, next season with salt, pepper, and dill to taste. Garnish with chives. This soup is traditionally served chilled, but since it is November I ate mine hot.ENJOY!


I recently stumbled upon this amazing NY based photographer Lucy Carr Ellison. Her photographs have an alluring inappropriateness about them, it's as if her subjects have let her into their most intimate moments both physically and mentally. The styling is unique and grungy while still looking ridiculously sexy. Each model exudes a sexually intense aura about them, and I can't seem to get enough! Check out Lucy's blog here.

Nozuka, zuka bubblegum!

Last Tuesday my best friend Morgan and I had the fantabulous opportunity to see one of our favorite new artists, Justin Nozuka. The venue was intimate as could be, we were nestled among tall trees at the Porter Pub, a small venue/pub located on the gorgeous UCSD campus. The night only got better as we were approached by a young man complementing us on our "accessories". This young man happened to be Anthony Lavdanski, the talented bassist in the Justin Nozuka band, from that point on our night only got better. Long story short we had an excellent view of the sensational music being played and we were invited onto their tour bus after the show. How intriguing it was seeing how this group of 12 guys live on a bus! All I kept thinking was, where would I put all my clothes?!? Musicians are special people, it was an amazing night to kick off Thanksgiving weekend. Here is a music video of one of their songs, Golden Train. Enjoy!

I just wanna getaway!

As the air turns crisp and the days become shorter, I find myself wanting to escape. Thankfully winter gives us the opportunity to throw on our favorite coat and walk the streets of a new bustling city, or stroll the roads of an old country town. As the holidays approach I believe we all need to unwind before the stresses of the festivities get the best of us. These are my top three California choices for a pre-holiday winter weekend getaway, and what to bring with you to keep warm and stylish.
1. The Lavender Inn - This gorgeous boutique hotel located in serene Ojai, California is only a short drive from Los Angeles, and yet you feel as though you are in another world. Wineries, lakes, boutiques, and galleries are located walking distance from The Lavender Inn, or you cold stay in and use there incredible amenities. They offer wine and cheese fro 5-6 pm, massages in the cottage, or a delicious meal from one of the students at the Ojai Culinary School. Take advantage of this hidden gem and spend a few nights feeling calm and comfortable.
2. Inn at Fawnskin - Nestled among it's own pine forest along the north shore of Big Bear Lake, the Inn at Fawnskin is a place you'll never forget. This four bedroom log home is private, quaint and full of history. Their motto is "come as a stranger, leave as a friend" and I can't wait to do just that. The romantic and cozy guest rooms offer breathtaking lake views, spa robes, fireplaces and subdued elegance. The hosts at the Inn at Fawnskin serve a gourmet breakfast every morning to prepare you for a trip into the town of Big Bear or to spend the day skiing in the mountains.
3. Sonoma Chalet Cottages and Bed and Breakfast Inn - Nestled among the historic vineyards of the Sonoma Valley lies this peaceful haven. Sonoma Chalet is a quirky B and B offering 7 unique cottages of different themes and settings. Breakfast of fresh juice, pastries, and coffee is served every morning on the serene balcony of the main lodge. Sonoma Chalet is the perfect place to experience the historical beauty of Sonoma and an even better place to relax in the hot tub after a long day of tasting delicious wines. Come for a night of wine, romance, and privacy, it is a getaway you'll never forget.

I hope this list gives you some ideas of where to escape for a weekend, and here is list of what I would bring along with me....


While growing up, friends come and go, but it is the special ones that stick around and make a real impact on your life. My roommate Maria and I met at a critical time in our lives, and I believe we will be friends forever. Maria is one of the most unique, sweet, and talented people I have ever met, not to mention that she oozes incredible individual style. Here are two cute pictures of us that I think define our love. To friendship, cheers!

I want I want, Give Me Give Me!

These are some goodies I found on TOPSHOP that I think are classic, funky, and necessities for a cool winter wardrobe...(well winter in Los Angeles at least!)

the road to nowhere...

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the AFI Fest 2009 gala screening of "The Road" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. As I walked BEHIND the red carpet (unfortunately) I was able to catch the magnificent Charlize Theron, and her equally stunning other half, Stuart Townsend walk the red carpet. Charlize looked absolutely radiant; in a silver leggy Christian Dior wrap dress, paired with embellished Giuseppe Zanotti flat sandals. She is a very statuesque woman, and even seemed to walk with an air of dignity and grace. Charlize played around with a very trendy makeup look, successfully rocking aubergine lips and a light smokey eye. Her skin was glowing and milky at the same time, and her tousled hair swept up in a side part really showed off her perfect features. I could go on for days about the beauty that is Charlize Theron, but in the end we were all there to see a film and an interesting film it was. The Road, based on the book by American novelist Cormac McCarthy was a very intense film, the story line was dark, scary and extremely realistic. I would not recommend this post apocalyptic story of survival to those with a sensitive stomach, but if you want to leave the theater with a mind full of unanswered questions and new theories, this may be the film for you.

I makeup my life

Luckily for my sisters and me, my dad has been in the beauty industry since before we were born. I have literally been knee deep with products since the day I can remember. Ironically, it was my mother who has been educating me on tricks of the trade and the proper way to care for your skin since I was old enough to hold a mascara wand. These are the products I use everyday without fail; I add some eyeliner and lipstick to translate this look from day to night. I will post a makeup how to video in a few days. All products are available at www.bodyography.com
1. Bodyogprahy Veil Foundation Primer $30
Creates a magnificent canvas giving your skin the coveted airbrush look
2. Bodyography Mascara in Ink $16.50
High Intensity mascara that thickens and darkens your lashes, think Bridget Bardot
3. Bodyography Powder Shimmer in Buckwheat $19.50
Powder Shimmer can be used all over the face and body, gives a nice flirty glow.
4. Bodyography Oxyplex Loose Powder in Golden Beige $30
Luminescent mineral powder that lasts all day, extremely breathable and light.
5. Bodyography Natural Finish Foundation in #165- Light $24
Goes on light and offers excellent coverage and lasts throughout the day.
6. Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge $8.99
This uniquely shaped sponge can be used for face, eyes and lips, it is so multifunctional and has changed the way I apply makeup.

Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day...

... Even though Friday is generally the beginning of my busy weekend filled with work, I still find it to be a day where all the weight is lifted off my shoulders. A friend is visiting from the Big Apple, the weather is turning crisp and I could really go for a nice glass of Pinot Noir. It is so nice to finally delve into my expansive winter wardrobe. Scarves, hats, and beautiful coats... here I come! Hope you have a happy Friday hanging with friends, drinking champagne,losing your inhibitions and dancing the night away. I would love to wear something like this tonight...

Gothic Circus

When I hear the word Circus I think of my childhood and going to see the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus at Madison Square Garden. It was sensational, the costumes, animals, acrobatics, the whole show was both scary and mesmerizing. The circus in general has been illustrated in fashion for many years, but I believe it is going to take a darker turn. Gothic Circus is what I have dubbed this theme, rich colors, textured fabrics and severe hair and makeup is what I want to see this winter. Think queen of the circus clowns wearing a crushed velvet structured jacket with a peplum, a strong cat eye with aubergine lips and a crow perched on her shoulder. Welcome to the circus, the Gothic Circus.