like a pixie

Unique sleeve styles are popping up all over the retail market, especially at an online favorite Pixie Market. The following snapshots are some of my favorite sleeve stylings, and lucky for us they are all available at Pixie Market. I also included an amazing pair of flats, because during summer I am all about ballet flats as an alternative to sandals. I am really excited about the start of summer, I finally have put aside my winter duds and have been creating simple, streamlined summer ensembles. A majority of my everyday outfits revolve around the following 5 pieces; high waisted loose shorts, harem pants (from Alternative Apparel), racer back pocket tanks (Charlotte Russe 2 for $10), kimono (from a small shop in Chinatown), and J Brand ankle jeans...when it comes to shoes I always go for comfort and unique. My shoes come from all over, but one thing that they have in common is that they never cost more than $30.00. On that note I will not be purchasing these Pixie Market flats, but man do I love them.

what the gel

I hate to admit that up until about a year ago I had a horrible habit of biting and picking at my nails. I continued to blame my "weak nails" and "bad genes" for my sad looking fingers, but in reality it was my inability to leave my hands alone that got me to where I was. I envied my mother and sister for their regal fingernails, and decided it was time to grow up! Now that time has passed and length and strength has begun, I am happy to say I am as proud as ever with my long and strong manicure. I recently came across my new best friend, and favorite nail product, O.P.I. Axxium soak-off gel lacquer. This ingenious product comes in all of our favorite O.P.I. colors, and is available at most salons. The finished product is rich and shiny, and the best part is it lasts for up to two weeks and doesn't harm your nails! Check out this site for more information.

Peep Show

The perfect black shoe for any season. A bit expensive for my liking, but reasonable considering it will go with any outfit, and I mean ANY outfit. Available at Urban Outfitters... and while you are there pick up one of their many adorable summer dresses to go with your hot new wedges!

xoxo Lori

PS: a lot more to come on Ice Cream For Fashion...keep posted!

It's been a while..

It has been months since I last did a blog post...I lost interest, not in my blog, but in myself! I have slowly started to gain back some of my creative confidence and have decided I am going to take my blog in a new direction. Please stay tuned for I will hopefully be posting something new and fresh tomorrow! Until then, have a glorious day.




Tracy Reese

Erin Fetherston

Erin Fetherston

Erin Fetherston

Erin Fetherston

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

Zac Posen

Fall 2010 Ready To Wear NY Fashion Week
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you'll always be my McQueen

RIP Alexander Mcqueen- you were such a visionary.

if only i had somewhere to go

Angelina Jolie

Marion Cotillard

Kate Winslet

Diane Kruger

Kim Kardashian

Carrie Mulligan

Rachel Bilson

Sandra Bullock

Penelope Cruz

Award season is well on it's way, and so far I have seen some pretty beautiful dresses, but if I could have it my way I would dress every celebrity in Elie Saab. I am in love with the texture and intricate detail put into these stunning gowns, not to mention Elie's use of color and sheer textiles. These following looks are from the Spring 2010 ready-to-wear collection, and who I think they would look best on.

I have matched these dresses up with the celebrities I think would A.look best on B.fits their personal style or C.something to spice it up. This is only my opinion :)

you never cease to amaze me

TOPSHOP- I love you. I rarely purchase anything from your site, and don't find myself in NYC very often, but I do admire. Oh yes, I do admire all your beauty and functionality, and style. These three shoes are what I like to call Transitional Soles- I did a post regarding this topic a while back. These shoes can be worn from season to season with the blink of an eye, and a change of ensemble, of course. It is raining here in Los Angeles, and all I can think about is how I am going to decorate my new apartment...I will explain in next post about this new place! Well that is neither here nor there, once again I am in love with these 3 babies, the cage like clogs are so retro and I can see myself in the flat ankle boots everyday!

Stay dry LA.



a girl can dream

Cindy Crawford- Harper's Bazaar- Age 43!!!!

You don't have to break the bank at overpriced lingerie stores in order to feel sexy. Lucky for the women on a budget (cough, me) we have the always fun and fabulous and located all over the USA... FOREVER 21. I am a big advocate of this extremely well priced store, as I am sure you already know. Though it often takes some rummaging to find a garment not drowning in sequins, the lingerie section is very impressive and nothing is over $15.00! Need I say more? Attached this Valentines day? Take him over the edge with a sexy negligee, you both deserve it. Not attached? Dress to impress, yourself that is. Confidence comes from within, but we all know feeling sexy makes us appear confident... or something like that ;)

i dream of threesome

Kate Moss- Harper's Bazaar- Hot

Here Comes The Bride...

Anja Rubik: Vogue Nippon March 2010

I've Got The Fever

I am totally channelling the 70's right now, and I am desperately craving these sky high Jessica Simpson platforms. They are under $100.00 and come in black too, but I am thinking I favor these colors...imagine how long the tan pair would make your legs look. SEXY! Boogie Town here I come...

Staple Wardrobe

STAPLE is a fashion line from Australia, and as we all know I LOVE the Aussies. This line is so chic and sexy, the clothing literally drapes on a woman and the fabric looks so soft and delectable. Of course all of the clothing looks incredible on their amazingly freakishly gorgeous models, they make me jealous. I am really digging the body con dresses and use of sheer fabric, the pictures I am going to show you are from summer 2009, but it is my favorite collection from STAPLE thus far. Australian style is very fresh and simple, all the girls in OZ wear gauzy shirts, cut off shorts/high waisted skirts, and gladiator sandals...adorable, especially with a golden tan. I really really want the powder blue pants, they are purely awesome and I can already imagine so many cute spring out fits revolving around them. Enjoy!

Ready To Wear

After drooling over Sonia Rykiel's Spring 2010 Ready To Wear collection, I am definitely in the market for a sexy cardigan and quilted pencil skirt. I love Sonia's designs because they always have so much movement and really show off the female form. Though this collection is more structured than her usual designs, they still manage to flow and drape a woman's body. The models seemed to be having the time of their lives strutting down the runway in Sonia's unique collection, as would any woman lucky enough to wear her clothing! This collection is a throw back to the 50's, the demure, yet sexy cardigans and knit wear, and the high waisted and genie style pants. I love this look, classic and sexy, but I must say it is difficult to pull off without looking like a costume. A lot of confidence is needed to don clothing like this, and of course an eye to eye smile and some massive sunglasses.

Some Favorites:

Dying for this above

(above) If I worked in an office...haha