Nozuka, zuka bubblegum!

Last Tuesday my best friend Morgan and I had the fantabulous opportunity to see one of our favorite new artists, Justin Nozuka. The venue was intimate as could be, we were nestled among tall trees at the Porter Pub, a small venue/pub located on the gorgeous UCSD campus. The night only got better as we were approached by a young man complementing us on our "accessories". This young man happened to be Anthony Lavdanski, the talented bassist in the Justin Nozuka band, from that point on our night only got better. Long story short we had an excellent view of the sensational music being played and we were invited onto their tour bus after the show. How intriguing it was seeing how this group of 12 guys live on a bus! All I kept thinking was, where would I put all my clothes?!? Musicians are special people, it was an amazing night to kick off Thanksgiving weekend. Here is a music video of one of their songs, Golden Train. Enjoy!

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