So far I have had a wonderful time in Australia...thankfully I have three weeks to go. Here are some highlights of my trip thus far.

Above: the pontoon in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef where we went scuba diving.

Above: on the ride back to Cairns from the pontoon.

Above: Fabulous dinner from ISP Seafood in Cairns (calamari, salad, fried prawns, chips, crumbed mackerel, barramundi spring rolls)

Above: Mossman Gorge where we went swimming in the fresh water and roadside driving along the coast in Cairns.

Above: Dancing at The Salt House, my dinner of bone in rib eye steak on top of truffle mash and bernaise sauce at the Salt House, french bread with chevre cheese, sticky onions, and red bell pepper puree, me among the palms at Palm Cove.

ENJOY, because you all know I did!

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