I recently stumbled upon an interview on The Fashion Spot with the talented designer behind Siwy Denim, Michelle Siwy. The New York based designer has made a name for herself and her jeans among starlets and models alike, stating that they will make your body look amazing. Apparently, according to Michelle you do not have to be a 6" tall model to feel sexy and seductive in these denim duds. I completely agree. Though her designs are simple and streamlined, she adds extra punches with the addition of sequins, mesh, acid wash, grommets, pockets, stitching, etc. During the TFS interview, when asked to describe the Siwy woman Michelle stated: "The Siwy woman is sophisticated with an edge. She has a serious appreciation for style, fashion, art, beauty and design - but with a sense of humor, too." There you have it it, you certainly have to have a spunky and sassy personality to properly pull off a pair of Siwy jeans. Siwy denim embodies what I like to call, "mature cuteness" known for it's Lolita-esque seductiveness a look I truly love. Bottom line, Siwy jeans are unknowingly sexy with a cheeky demeanor, save up, and get a pair now!

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