The time has come, I am packed and ready for my fourth adventure of the year; destination: Australia. I am happy to say that this is my second time down under in the past 6 months, I am extremely lucky to be traveling back to the home country of the man I love. We are flying out of LAX tomorrow at 11:50 pm, to arrive in Brisbane, to then fly to Cairns to spend 4 days. From Cairns we fly back to Brisbane, drive 3 hours north to Maryborough where we will spend the rest of our trip lounging around, eating delicious food, going to the beach and of course doing what Aussies do best... drinking tea on the veranda. I am going to try to post daily about my first "summer" in Australia, and first Aussie Christmas as well!

The above picture are two sausage rolls and tomato sauce, an Aussie favorite (and mine!), they are sold on every corner (think Starbucks in the US)

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