les femmes seduisantes

The seductive women of Dior and Chanel are gracing the pages of our favorite glossy fashion magazines all over the world; Lily Allen for Chanel, Audrey Tautou for Chanel no.5 and Marion Cotillard for Dior. I find these three women to be interesting choices for these ad campaigns, because they are unexpected, yet seemingly fit. Lily Allen, known for being a rebel is now the face of a company that has depicted elegance for decades, and I find the parallel to be quite fascinating. Marion and Audrey are rising stars and picturesque french women, their looks are undeniable and mesmerizing at every glance, what excellent choices. I love that fashion has taken such a wide turn in using actresses and singers to represent these high profile brands. Though at times I do miss sky high luxurious models, it is always nice to see our favorite stars in a new light. What is your favorite ad campaign? xoxo.

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